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On November 15th and 16th CBC Television's Moving On was in Ottawa filming Gerard Montigny for an upcoming feature on Adult ADHD. Filming took place over the course of a weekend and focused on Gerard as an adult living with ADHD, his work as an ADHD coach, activist, and educator on ADHD Issues.The program will air in the spring of 2004.

Air dates will be posted when they become available.

Upcoming Workshops

January 21th
Presentation: ADHD and the workplace

Gerard Montigny will be presenting an afternoon seminar on ADHD and the workplace for the Department of National Defense’s Employee Assistance Program in Ottawa.

This event is only open to Department of National Defense Employee’s

May 7, 2004
The ADHD Through the Life Span Conference

This one day conference will be held on May 7th in Ottawa at the Health Sciences Building located between CHEO and the General Hospital. Gerard Montigny will be facilitating a breakout session on Coaching Skills and ADHD.

More detailed information will be posted as it becomes available.

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