The iPhone Course

The most comprehensive, step-by-step course that will help you master your iPhone and conquer your ADHD.

Take Your Phone
to the Next Level

Have you ever longed to stay on top of email? Maybe avoid distraction, or get to bed on time? At times your iPhone can be unbelievably helpful, but it often feels like the source of all our problems. Stop struggling, this course is for you!

With The iPhone Course for ADHD you will:

  • discover the true power of everyday apps
  • learn strategies proven to help with ADHD
  • experience all the possibilities your iPhone allows
  • see how simple automations can work better than a reminder
  • gain the ability to avoid distractions and direct your attention

Course Outline

What you don’t know CAN hurt yout

  • Unleashing the full potential of the Calendar app for organizing your schedule and tasks
  • Mastering the Notes app for capturing ideas and staying organized
  • Harnessing the power of Reminders for task management and creating effective to-do lists
  • Using Apple Maps and GPS features to streamline your daily routines
  • Conquering Messages and Email so they stop slipping through the cracks

They don’t teach you this in school…

  • Exploring lesser-known accessibility options tailored to individuals with ADHD
  • Customizing Siri to streamline daily tasks and reminders
  • Leveraging the power of Do Not Disturb mode and Focus mode to minimize distractions
  • Tweaking settings for optimal productivity and focus
  • Essential tips and tricks for managing notifications and distractions

Let’s should be fun…

  • Reviewing top-rated third-party apps specifically designed to enhance focus, time management, and organization
  • Making life easier with apps that help you wake up, develop habits, and simplify your workflow
  • Identifying the most effective productivity tools and apps for ADHD individuals
  • Strategies for integrating apps seamlessly into your daily routine

Buckle up your brain…

  • Introduction to Apple Shortcuts and its potential for automating repetitive tasks
  • Creating customized shortcuts to streamline your workflow and save time
  • Leveraging advanced automations to optimize your daily routines
  • Sharing and discovering new shortcuts within the ADHD community

If you’re like most people, you have never really learned how to use your iPhone. By learning the right way to use your iPhone, you will discover that life can be easy, enjoyable, and rewarding. There are small, powerful, but often overlooked ways you can use your iPhone to your advantage. We can automate morning routines, crush workouts, and buy better birthday presents. The simple truth is that, because we only have one brain, ADHD affects every area of life. For many of us, the same is true of our iPhones: we take it everywhere, but we have never really taken the time to master it.

We can help!

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Whether you’re new to iPhones or you’re a power user, this course will show you the right way to use your phone to make life easy, enjoyable, and rewarding.

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You’ll have lifetime access to this course and any future updates! View the course on any device so you can complete it at your own pace.

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If taking this course doesn’t drastically improve your life in 30 days, then we don’t even want your money. We’re that confident!

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Master your iPhone with The iPhone Course.

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The iPhone course plus one support session.

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The iPhone Course

The most comprehensive, step-by-step course that will help you master your iPhone and conquer your ADHD.