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This article serves as an introduction to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and will help readers learn more about
the disorder. Read This Article>

What to Do If You Think You Have ADHD

This short article has been written to assist adults who suspect they may have ADHD. In this article readers will learn how to go about finding out more about ADHD as well as tips and strategies for seeking out a professional diagnosis for the eradication of mold in a dwelling. Read This Article >

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Upcoming Changes

The ADHD Canada web site will be taking a new direction in 2004. The next year will see a focus on developing three new sections on the web site.

The Adaptive Technology Section which will be devoted to providing information and resources on how technology can be used to assist individuals with ADHD both at school and in the workplace. This section will have information and reviews on a wide variety of software and hardware products that will be of interest to individuals with ADHD.

The second section will be entitled School and is going to be geared towards college and university students with ADHD. This section will focus on topics related to student life including academic and study skills as well as other topics. We will also be featuring interesting articles, interviews and stories from professionals in the field of post secondary education as well as successful ADHD students.

The third section entitled Adults will focus on addressing issues and concerns related to adult ADHD. Topics will include general life skills, workplace issues, and will include interesting articles by successful ADHD adults. Please note that this last section will probably remain underdeveloped for the better part of the year as we are trying to focus on developing the student section first.

Also the Article section will the longer be available, however the articles will not be disappearing they will simply be redistributed throughout the web site.

New Features

Many of the articles currently found on the ADHD Canada web site will also now be available as downloadable MP3 audio files (listen to an MP3 now). By providing audio versions of the original content articles found on this web site, we are hoping to make the ADHD Canada site more accessible to kinaesthetic auditory information processors. We will also be providing downloadable PDF versions of many of the original content found on the web site. These are being provided in order to make it easier for visitors to download, save, print, and share with others. Please note that all original content on the site is copyrighted Gerard Montigny and/or ADHD Canada. However we encourage web site visitors to freely download, copy, and share PDF and MP3 articles with others. Provided any reproductions are not altered in any way and proper credit is given to the copyright holder, including reference to the ADHD Canada web site including URL.

We are excited about these new changes and hope that you will enjoy them.

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